EC Series Collaborative Robots

Make Complex Processes Simple

Your Productivity Companion

Elite Robots’ established EC Series of cobots has quickly made a prominent reputation in industrial automation, setting itself apart for its speed, flexibility, and reliability, as well as a leading price-quality ratio.

The world’s first collaborative robots which weigh less and lift more thanks to an industry-leading payload to weight ratio up to 0.49, its robust and streamlined industrial design allows smooth multiangle installation and
proper functioning even in non-optimal working environments.

A Quick Glance

Compare the main features of this line of collaborative robots and choose the cobot that is right for you.

EC-series_63EC633kg624mm∅128mm±0.02mm find more
EC-series_66EC666kg914mm∅ 150 mm±0.03mm find more
EC68-088kg820mm∅150mm±0.03mm find more
EC-series_616EC61616kg954 mmØ 200 mm±0.03mm find more
EC-series_612EC61212kg1304mmØ 200 mm±0.05mm find more
EC64-194kg1900mmØ 200 mm±0.1 mm find more

Safe and Effective

The advanced collision detection function, with as many as 90 different adjustable levels of sensitivity, allows safe human-machine interaction without the need to worry about safety fences.

Successfully deployed even in harsh and labor-intensive environments such as the metal industry, the EC Series guarantees a 35,000 hours uptime without maintenance required even under extreme working conditions.

Dual Control via Web and Physical Teach Pendant

Users can remotely interact with the cobot through Ethernet protocol via laptop, phone or pad. It allows real-time control and monitoring of the cobot (with 3D view display of its status), and more flexible programming.

The rugged IP65-rated teach pendant allows on-site operation even in the harshest environments.

Get More Work Done. Faster.

A TCP speed of up to 3.2 m/s and an axis speed up to 224°/s make the EC collaborative robot series among the fastest in the whole industry, to increase production and reduce cycle times.

Speed up your task execution time….and that of your ROI!

Watch the EC Series in action

Learn firsthand how the EC series collaborative robots have helped a wide range of manufacturing companies around the world revamp existing plants and lines or automate work cycles from the ground up.