Take on any automation challenge with Elite Robots and its OEM partners.

Cooperation for the Best Solution

Elite Robots cooperates with a network of third-party OEMs highly specialized in end devices and other add-ons that seamlessly integrate with its cobot arms.By doing so, we ensure that all our users will have a wider, more diverse and flexible range of choices and that the best possible collaborative solution will be deployed for any automation project.

Flawless Integration

Wide Selection

High Flexibility

A Localized and Open Approach

Move away from the “one size fits all” standardized approach typical of traditional robotics scenarios and combine Elite Robots’ robotic arm with the equipment that best meets your needs.

Whether grippers, vision sensors, or AGVs, the wide openness provided by Elite Robots' robotic arms ensures that each user can get the robotic cell most suitable to his production and budget requirements.


Typically placed at the end of the robotic arm, an end-of-arm tool is an equipment that interacts with parts and components. Our cobots can work with a variety of tools: grippers, welding torches, material removal tools, and more, depending on the collaborative task at hand.


If you don't want your cobot to be a blind machine, it needs to be equipped with a vision system. These 2D or 3D cameras give the cobot with vision and help it perform tasks such as inspecting, identifying, counting, measuring, or reading barcodes.

AGV & Actuators

Mount your cobot on an automated guided vehicle (AGV), to automating the movement of materials and components in a workshop. Installed it the best actuators for smooth 7-axis linear motion.


In addition to Elite Robots' proprietary software, our cobots support a variety og third-party software for programming, design, and simulation of collaborative applications, from open softwares to CAD CAM for specific industries.


Synergy in Action

Take a look at some demonstrations of the solutions born by the cooperation between Elite Robots and some of its most reliable robotic partners.

EC66 cobot guided by Mech Mind vision system
PCB assembly demo with EC66 and DH Robotics finger gripper
EC63 with Gimatic suction gripper
CNC loading & unloading and packing with OnRobot gripper and DPLOY programming

We work in a network and we are searching constantly, every day, for the best solution for our customers. This is what we love and this is our link to Elite Robots

Michael Kleinkes

Breeze Innovations, Germany

We love working with Elite Robots because they offer us special support, very unique cobots and really easy integration.

Niels Stenzel

Shining 3D GmbH, Germany


Become a Partner

Whether you are a distributor, system integrator or EOM, take the first step toward a successful win-win cooperation and contact us.

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