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Why Partner with Us?

As a collaborative robot company, we firmly believe in the strategic importance of creating more and more win-win cooperations. Through our worldwide network of professional partners, we bring to life the most complex and diverse automation solutions and serve end users of all sizes across the globe.

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Become a partner
Become a partner
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100+ partners

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Find Local Representative
Find Local Representative
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How to Partner?

Successful collaboration can take many forms. Find the one that works best for you.


Distributors play a crucial role in supporting businesses interested in purchasing cobots within their territorial area, offering dedicated technical sales, access to qualified robotic engineers, and assistance from pre-sales inquiry to post-deployment technical support.

System Integrators

System Integrators (SIs) are specialized experts who provide turn-key solutions for customers looking to integrate robots into their operations.

Thanks to their exceptional knowledge in specific processes and industries, they design, build and install your automation solutions, while ensuring ongoing support and training for customer success.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Partners provide high-quality, innovative full solutions that use our cobot technology to give you a competitive advantage for a range of applications including palletizing, machine tending and welding.

Their creations incorporate our cobots and additional equipment built directly by them and can achieve a very high degree of customization.

Elite Robots provided support with fast response and good service, and they are reliable in terms of technology and quality.

Steve Kang

Abiman Engineering, South Korea


Become a Partner

Whether you are a distributor, system integrator or EOM, take the first step toward a successful win-win cooperation and contact us.

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