Metal & Machining

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In an industry characterized by 24-hour shifts, harsh and noisy environments, and physically demanding and dangerous tasks, positions may be tough to fill and retain. With a protection rating up to IP68 and a lightweight and compact design suitable for multi-angle installation, our cobots are ideal for round-the-clock machine tending operations and welding tasks. Achieve more consistent product quality and promote workers' satisfaction by moving them from undesirable workstations.

EC612 cobot - Loading and unloading of metal parts
EC66 cobot - Pick-and-place and drilling at machinery plant
CS63 cobot performing metal processing tasks, Germany
EC612 cobot - CNC loading and unloading for gears tapping, Spain
EC66 cobot - Top-down CNC loading and unloading
CS612 cobot - CNC loading and unloading with dual gripper

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Metal & Machining

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Metal & Machining

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