CS Series Collaborative Robots

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Take Productivity to a Superior Level

The latest arrival of Elite Robots collaborative robots family, the new CS Series, is a platform-level cobot based on a new software & hardware infrastructure and a wholly redesigned user interface, providing enhanced safety, ease of use and high expandability, all while ensuring a rapid return on investment.

A Quick Glance

Compare the main features of this line of collaborative robots and choose the cobot that is right for you.

CS63 CobotCS633kg624mm∅128mm±0.02mm find more
CS66 CobotCS666kg914mm∅ 150 mm±0.03mm find more
CS612 CobotCS61212kg1304mmØ 190 mm±0.05mm find more
CS62020kg1800mmØ 240 mm±0.1 mm find more
CS62525kg1500mmØ 240 mm±0.08 mm find more

High Versatility

The 8-pin connector with standard interface and the 4 configurable digital IO supporting NPN, PNP, and Push/Pull output provide broad EoAT compatibility and enhanced flexibility. 12/24 V voltage, 3A (Three pin), 2A (Dual pin), 1A (Single pin) power supply. Multicolor LED ring for indication of operating mode.

Advanced Safety

Designed  in accordance with ISO 10218-1 and 13849-1, PLd Category 3 standards, the CS Series integrates over 20 configurable safety functions, including position, speed, force, and power. The cobot’s extended wrist has been designed to prevent pinching, so as to further increase safety.

Enhanced UX with Python programming

Java-based software interface with easy and intuitive navigation. Powerful, flexible, and versatile Python-based programming language. Users can interact with the cobot for monitoring, control and programming either remotely, via laptop, phone or pad, or through the supplied teach-pendant.

Unmatched Expandability

Extended communication capabilities (3 Ethernet ports, 1 RS485, 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 MiniDP) and more IO ports (8 CI, 8 CO; 24 DI, 24 DO; 2 AI, 2 AO; 4 high-speed digital inputs) enable the development of the perfect cobotic solution for every need.  3A (internal) and 6A (external) I/O power supply.

Productivity at Your Fingertips

Integrated 12” full-touch teach pendant with capacitive touch-screen for smooth on-site operations. Ergonomic design for both left- and right-handed gripping. Easily removable from controller for no-TP scenarios.