Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Elite Robots collaborative robots.

What is a collaborative robot?

The basic definition of ISO TS 15066 (Technical Specification for Collaborative Robots): Collaborative robots are a branch of industrial robots. The English translation is Collaborative Robot and the abbreviated version is COBOT. A simple way of understanding is that collaborative robots allow the robot and thee human to carry out their own during collaboration in the same workspace to complete a certain task.

What coordinate systems does ELITE ROBOTS have? How is it used?

Elite robot is a 6-joint robot, using the right-hand rule Cartesian coordinate system. Elite robot comes with two coordinate systems, one is the base coordinate system, and the other is the tool coordinate system (see the figure below). The base and the tool coordinate system cannot be deleted or changed.

Elite Robots

Elite robot also supports customized user coordinate system, which can be established through three-point teaching (see the figure below)

Faq Elite Image

Elite Robots system

How to quickly learn to use Elite robots?

Elite’s official website provides video tutorials for quick start and basic operations for your reference. In addition, we also conduct regular offline training courses (refer our official website or WeChat account for the course schedule). As long as you have basic knowledge of electrical automation, you can master and have no trouble using Elite robots.

More questions?

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