Always Easier Than Before

Driven by a vision to simplify the lives of businesses and individuals for an ever-better future, Elite Robots is a leading manufacturer of collaborative robots, also known as cobots.

Headquartered in Shanghai, in the heart of the Zhangjiang AI Robot Valley, the company has been founded in 2016 by a group of PHDs from the renowned Robotics Institute of Beihang University in Beijing, and has since made real leaps and bounds in the world of industrial automation.

Its lightweight, fast and easy-to-use robots stand out for their reliability and cost-effectiveness, reinforcing everyday Elite Robots’ founding motto “Always easier than before.”

Innovation in Our Bones

As the cobot manufacturer with the highest independent R&D rate in China, it’s safe to say that innovation is deeply rooted in Elite Robots’ DNA.

Everything from the operating system, integrated hardware and software, and module joining technology is the result of Elite Robots’ independent research efforts.

With a strong R&D team covering more than 40% of the entire workforce and an ever-growing network of experienced Ecopartners, Elite Robots is committed to continuously upgrading and enhancing its robotic solutions and empowering the entire global industrial ecosystem.

Elite Robots at a Glance







10k+ Units Deployed in Production Environments Around the World

Where Our Cobots Are Born

The large 11,000 m² manufacturing and R&D center in the city of Suzhou is where Elite Robots’ solutions are currently being developed and upgraded. From research and production to testing and actual deployment of applications, all quality-relevant work steps are performed in-house under a single roof.