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CS Series Collaborative Robots

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Standing Out in

the Cobot World

Designed to operate safely around humans without the need for security fences, collaborative robots are changing how we think about automation. They are smaller and easier to operate than traditional industrial robots and can detect when humans are working on or around them and avoid collisions.

Since Elite Robots entered the cobot area with the launch of the EC Series, its rapid, cost-effective, and easy-to-use cobots have quickly gained a prominent reputation and are gradually tearing down more and more barriers to automation.

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Lightweight design for effortless multiangle installation. Quickly replaceable interchangeable axis joints.
Excellent cost-performance ratio with 35,000+ hours MTBF, for long uptimes and… short paybacks!
A max tool speed of 3.2 m/s makes Elite Robots' cobots the industry leaders in velocity.
Compliance with ISO 10218 and ISO 13849 Cat3 PLd safety standards, with over 20 configurable security functions.
Lua/Python script for easy programming. Touchscreen Teach-Pendant and remote control via PC/phone.

Performing a Wide Range of Industrial Applications

Rich and proven track record of successful applications across many industrial sectors.

Pick & Place
Machine Tending
Quality Inspection
AGV Mobility
Screw Driving & Assembly
Material Removal & Finishing
Smart Retail

A Multi-Task Productivity Booster

By integrating its cobots with equipment from top ecopartners, Elite Robots has created cobotic solutions for performing disparate processing tasks. From South America to the Far East, see how Elite Robots users have boosted their productivity and returns.

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