WEBINAR (SEP 27) | How Big Cobots are Redefining Automation Horizons

September 13, 2023

As global supply chains face increasing challenges, innovative technologies and processes are crucial.

New effective automation solutions that deliver consistent performance, minimize downtime, and ensure quick returns are critical for resilient businesses that want to maintain and improve their competitiveness in the new landscape.

Join us next Wednesday, Sep 27 on an illuminating journey where we will show you the game-changing impact of ELITE ROBOTS new BIG cobots on the way businesses optimize and secure their operations.

The webinar will cover:

– The new global supply chain challenges – From a business perspective

– A comprehensive introduction to the new CS620 and CS625 high-payload cobots (20 and 25 kg, respectively)

– Some distinctive features common to the entire new CS series cobot range, with a focus on its flexible and easy-to-use software interface.

– Spotlights on the new top-end cobot of the EC series, EC64-19, and its 1900 cm reach, the perfect choice for inspection of large parts.

Heavy-load palletizing by CS625
Large parts inspection by EC64-19

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday, 27 September 2023 

Time: 10.00am CET / 14.30pm IST / 17pm SGT*

*If this webinar is not in a suitable time zone for you, we still recommend that you register and we will email the recording after the session is completed


Juergen Ostermeier, General Manager, Elite Robots Deutschland GmbH

Juergen Ostermeier is the General Manager of Elite Robots’ German subsidiary. Building on 10+ years of experience in industrial automation for the automotive sector, Juergen has developed and consolidated strategic business partnerships and enlarged Elite Robots’ footprint throughout the whole EMEA region.

Derek Wei, Regional Sales Manager, Elite Robots

An Overseas BD expert, Derek Wei is one of the members of Elite Robots’ European sales team. In cooperation with Elite Robots’ European partners, he has successfully taken part in a variety of automation projects across Europe across different industries, from research & education to automotive.

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